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Today it has found its place in nutrition as it offers optimal health and enables good fat burning. The modern high fat, high calorie food intake that is low in nutrients is one of the major causes of obesity. Whey protein provides the opposite. It is a low fat, low calorie and low carbohydrate food that is placed low on the glycemic index (GI) Scale.

Protein is made up of amino acids, which are the used by the body build and repair muscle tissue (amongst being used for countless other processes). Therefore and adequate intake of protein is essential when trying to build muscle mass and strength.

Several clinical studies involving animals have indicated that whey has the ability to lower cholesterol levels, which of course is very promising news for those concerned about heart disease. What is actually responsible for this effect of cholesterol levels? As of yet, we're not absolutely sure, but we do suspect it may have something to do with bio-active components found in whey protein.

Diabetes - Type 2 diabetes is a growing health problem, largely in part to the continued rise in obesity. This is a serious health issue right here in the United States. Healthy nutrition practices have been shown to play a role in helping to manage and possibly prevent diabetes. Whey protein, which is a high biological value (BP) protein is a good choice of protein for diabetics who need to carefully manage food intake.

Physiologists and physicians draw from the benefit of whey as raw materials for formation of antioxidant. Anti-oxidants are molecules in the body that absorb free radicals produced as a result of cellular activities. Free radicals are dangerous to the other cells since they penetrate cell membranes and destroy them. It contains a cystein and glutathione amino acids. These are also used to form the anti-oxidants.

Combining complete with incomplete protein foods will ensure that the daily requirement is meant, which is 56 grams for an average built man. Some people require more than the recommended dietary allowance. These include children who are growing, pregnant and breast-feeding women, the elderly and individuals who have a disease, disability or are in severely stressful situations.

Undenatured whey is in fact the David to the Goliath that is known as denatured whey. This is because undenatured keeps all of its amino acids because it is cold processed. Rather than being heated up to high temperatures and killing off helpful organisms and nutrients along with the bad. The protein remains bioactive since it is processed cooler and more sensitively.

Protein is vital to nutrition and should be eaten daily. Protein is great source of energy that also helps control our metabolism. The actual description and definition of metabolism is quite lengthy and complex. A basic explanation is that metabolism is a sum of chemical processes in our body that control how our cells are maintained and how those processes make energy available.
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Whey Protein Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/12/25