Best Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

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If you're serious about putting on extra muscle to your frame, you need to know that simply working out at the gym is not enough to gain muscle mass. In muscle growth, nutrition is very important, maybe even more so than lifting weights. In this article, I'm going to show you what foods are vital if you want to bulk up.

First off, protein is absolutely key. Protein is considered the building blocks that your body needs to gain muscle, as protein aids in the repair and growth of all muscles in your body. You see, when you work out, your muscles begin to tear microscopically, and in order to repair these tears and make the muscle bigger, it's essential you have the vital amino acids found in protein.

So what foods contain protein I hear you say! Lean meats, such as chicken and beef are a great source of protein. Also remember to include fish, cheese and eggs in your diet too, especially fish, as this contains lots of protein as well as nutritious amino acids.

If you want to gain muscle, you also need to eat more calories than you burn. So, if your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is 1600, for example, aim to eat around 2400 calories. This way, your body has no choice but to gain muscle! So long as you're eating a healthy diet, and not eating foods such as crisps, then you will build a leaner, more muscly body!

Aim to eat around six small meals per day. Each meal should be relatively high in protein in order to build significant muscle. Now if you're struggling to hit the amount of protein and calorie intake, I suggest supplementing with protein shakes. These are extremely quick to prepare and useful, especially if you don't like cooking like me! Be sure to take on board the tips in this article if you want to gain lots of muscle.

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Best Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

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This article was published on 2010/03/27